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Getting My Car Fixed On the Go

After a beer bottle careened into my car on the freeway, I knew it was going to be a long, frustrating day. In addition to having a packed schedule, I also had a tight budget at the time, which complicated things. I didn't know what I was going to do or how I was going to fix my car. After I arrived at the office and started talking with my coworkers about the issue, they suggested looking into mobile windshield repair. I was skeptical, but I called anyway. It was incredible how quickly a team of experts arrived, diagnosed my windshield's problems, and found a solution. Check out my blog for more information about this helpful service.


3 Signs That Your Windshield Needs To Be Replaced

Has your vehicle's windshield been damaged in a recent incident? Are you wondering if you have to replace it or if there is something else you can do? Traditionally, your only solution to broken auto glass would have been to get a new windshield as soon as possible Fortunately, with modern technology, this isn't always the case. Instead of a complete replacement, you may be able to get the glass repaired. Some things that can determine whether you need to replace your windshield or not include the following. 

Width of damage: The smaller the damaged area is, the less likely it is that you're going to need a glass replacement. If you have a crack that is longer than your hand is wide, for instance, you'll probably need a whole new windshield. When the crack is smaller, you'll need to take your vehicle to an auto glass shop for a professional assessment to find out whether or not a replacement is actually necessary. Shorter cracks can often be repaired by an auto glass shop for little cost to you, making it worth getting checked out as soon as possible. Large cracks, on the other hand, tend to require a replacement rather than a repair. 

Depth of damage: Cracks tend to go through the full thickness of the glass, but this shouldn't be an issue. What does cause problems is when you have a chip or a pit in your windshield that goes all the way through. This is common when the damage was caused by something exceptionally hard and small striking your window, such as a small pebble. When this happens, the missing glass bits can cause problems when trying to repair the hole. Even the most skilled professional may not be able to do anything, and you'll have to get a glass replacement in order to have a clean-looking windshield once again.

Location of damage: Damage in certain areas of the windshield can compromise the structural integrity of the windshield as a whole, making it unwise to actually try to repair the windshield. If you have a crack near the edge of your windshield or cutting across one of the corners, don't be surprised if you attempt to go in for a repair and the glass professional insists that you need a glass replacement. A repair might work temporarily but then wind up failing unexpectedly and spectacularly if you were to get into an accident. Stay safe by getting your windshield replaced when it is recommended to do so. 

For more information on glass replacement, talk to an auto shop near you.